Alternative Cure, Steroids not working...

·        Steroids not working
Got back to home to the UK, went to see the rheumatologist, told him the steroids weren't working, so I was weaned off and the next visit he wrote me off and said I don’t have R.A. May I point out that I had done quite a few tests i.e. Rheumatoid factor and I was well above 20 IU/ML, if I can remember I was 40 IU/ML which 20 is normal.

Alternative cure

Determined to find an alternative cure for my arthritis, and avoiding any prescription drugs, I tried herbal concoctions from a herbalist, I also tried Margaret Hill’s honey and apple cider mix, no improvements; to be honest I didn’t give them the chance to work. I needed to research more and wanted something fast, I went to the library-borrowed lots of books. With the numerous and almost overwhelming information I gathered from the books I borrowed, I finally started on a crash diet, I call it crash diet because over half of the food I was already eating I had to stop eating.