Intermittent Arthritis; Rheumologist, Dis-Figured Fingers,

·        Intermittent Arthritis; Rheumologist
I still see a more attentive rheumatologist; he has been excellent, every 6 months, just to keep me in check. He also explained that there are so many different types of arthritis out there and difficult to pin-point what I have, but said I may have intermittent arthritis, because I do/did have occasionally, flare-ups. He even at one-time said sometimes Hepatitis mimic itself as arthritis and I did a blood test that ruled it out.

·        Dis-figured Fingers
R.A has left me with disfigured fingers, thankfully only the left and right little fingers and my right hand has a bend/twist to the right. The rheumatologist referred me to physiotherapy where I see the hand therapist, and I have been given splints for my fingers and bending hand.

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