My Diet Plan; Organic or not; Gluten and Dairy Free

·        My diet PLAN

ü     Lots and lots of green vegetables (with every meal whatever the meal is, a third of my meal has to have some green)
ü     Pulses (lentil, chick peas etc.),
ü     Golden linseed (I put it in my porridge),
ü     Wheat/gluten free,
ü     Dairy free, (butter, milk, some biscuit and bread, cheese e.t.c)
ü     No nightshade vegetables (i.e. tomatoes, peppers, potatoes etc)
ü     No acidic fruits (as often as I can I stew apples and pears and add it to my porridge),
ü     Blueberries, blackberries,
ü     Very very low salt intake (if at all I take real sea salt sparingly),
ü     No sugar (but I did take unrefined cane sugar), no caffeine i.e. tea and coffee instead I took herbal tea’s (dandelion, nettle, green tea etc.),
ü     No fizzy drinks,
ü     No vinegar,
ü     No alcohol,
ü     No meat (if I must I occasionally had lamb which is the best meat to have and game meat amongst beef and pork),
ü     No fried food (oils low in saturated fat and lowly heated when used),
ü     Foods with no preservatives or E's,

Prepare all meals fresh (no ready meals), I know it takes longer but much better for you and flavour is un-compromised, these are most of what I can remember.

·        Organic or not
Initially every lamb or chicken I bought had to be free range and other food items I bought had to be organic, where possible. May I stress that organic for me meant no preservatives or pesticides etc used, nothing to do with taste, contrary to other beliefs. The recession hit hard, as organic foods are more expensive than rivals, I resulted to buying less organic foods but still bought free-range chicken.

·        Gluten free, Dairy Free
I did try lots and lots of wheat/gluten free and diary free foods, few years ago (2006), expensive, some were horrible and some were edible, and some I grew to like. Now-a-days there are a wide and greatly improved variety to choose from although costly, but would do no harm trying.